PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.14.0 with Key [update 6/7/2019]

PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.14.0  is lightweight and easy to use, as promised, and all its main features from robust layer support to image adjustments are fully functional. It won’t really compete with Photoshop at the top level, lacking the necessary features, and its interface looks like something out of the early 2000s, but at the same time it’s cheap, and doesn’t need a killer PC to maximize too.\

PhotoFiltre provides most major editing functions such as selection, image adjustments, cropping, and other commonly used photo manipulation tools. You also get more advanced tools, such as layer support, clone brush, stamps, and more. PhotoFiltre also supports batch processing when applying filters, image re-sizing, adjustments and transformations to several photos at once.

PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.14.0  is an upgraded version of PhotoFiltre 7 with multiple layers, supports GIF, 8BF animation and vector editing. You can download PhotoFiltre Studio X for a free trial for 30 days before deciding to upgrade to PhotoFiltre Full.

PhotoFiltre Studio X interface
The interface of PhotoFiltre Studio X photo editing application

PhotoFiltre Studio X is a complete and multifunctional photo editing program, similar to Photoshop or Corel. However, PhotoFiltre Studio X’s interface and tools have been simplified to accommodate even amateur photo editors. In particular, PhotoFiltre Studio X also has a trial version for you to experience all features. Or want to use photo editing software completely free, you can download PhotoFiltre 7.

With PhotoFiltre Studio X, users can apply image filters and adjust image parameters on the curve chart. The toolbar provides many standard filters and is applied directly to photos with a few mouse clicks. And yet, the latest PhotoFiltre Studio X also has an improved interface for you to fix photos quickly and efficiently. The program includes both basic and advanced image processing tools to satisfy the needs of many user objects.

Not only that, PhotoFiltre Studio X also integrates layer manager (with Alpha channel), improved brush, red-eye fix, batch image editing and many other powerful tools.

PhotoFiltre Studio X features
Photo filter:
PhotoFiltre Studio X owns many image filters from simple to advanced to upgrade your photos automatically. You can easily find standard image editing options such as brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma … or artistic filters like Water color, Pastel, Indian ink, Pointillism, Puzze Effect …

Edit vector image:
PhotoFiltre Studio X uses 2 types of vector image editing. The first type uses automatic cubes (rectangular, ellipse, triangle, rhombus, angular rectangle). The second type is similar to the Lasso and Polygon tool. Both types allow the use of hand-drawn custom images in the form of straight lines available. You can save each part as a standalone file for later use.

Integrated with many powerful photo editing tools

PhotoFiltre Studio X offers a wide range of standard brushes (round or square, rich in size) and a number of other types such as slant lines, custom shapes …

The Rainbow option allows you to draw gradients along a straight line. Besides effects like 3D, Pastel and Charcoal are also available for you to be creative.

Edit the image on the layer:
Each image will have its own Layer Frame. 3 thumbnail sizes include: Standard size, Large size and Invisible size.

PhotoFiltre Studio X can handle the following types of layers:

Bitmap tyle: cut, paste operation.
Text type: edit at any time with many options.
Settings type: provides real-time gamma, adjust contrast or color.
Color type: transparent effect.
Optional Stoke and Fill automatically:
This option allows you to color or draw lines automatically in vector format. Very useful when creating an illustrated chart, using the Line Tool with 1-way, 2-way arrows.

Erase tool:
Especially useful for hand-drawn areas. This tool uses the same brush but instead of drawing pictures, PhotoFiltre Studio X will delete the selected area and display on the transparent grid (RGBA or Transparent mode) or the bottom layer (edit mode on multiple layers. ).

Automatic transparent gradient tool:
Add some Transparent Gradient features to simplify the photo editing process. This function also works on Alpha channel.

Fix red eye error:
This feature can be enabled and the Retouch Tool by selecting a part of the image. Red-eye correction option is easy to use.

Fix photos on layers

GIF animation creation:
This module uses layers to create animated GIFs. Each frame is calculated by mixing the layer displayed one by one. Common options are Delay, Loop …

PhotoMasque module:
With PhotoMasque, you can create many effects for the border and transparency of your photos with built-in presets. Masks are grayscale images while white is transparent, opacity will increase with shade of gray when the color changes to darker. Black corresponds to complete opacity. PhotoMasque integrates several basic masks, from which you can create your own mask.

Export icon:
PhotoFiltre Studio X lets you create icons of 32×32, 48×48 and 64×64 sizes. All color formats are available and support a few more modes on the Windows version.

Options to add, remove:
You can add or remove some parts for the selection with the Ctrl or Alt keys. But this shortcut only supports in Bitmap mode (similar to Magic wand), not available in Vector mode.

Explore photos:
The discovery module provides tools for quick access to specified folders (selections, masks, patterns …).


How to install
Turn off antivirus software
Run file setup
Run file keygen as admin to get key
Enter key





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