Bandicam is the world’s best computer screen recording software

Bandicam is one in the best program (if not a best) for shot image from the application machine to desk and DirectX / OpenGL (game). With it help for it, you can read any third on the screen of the quality and convenient, add the image from the web camera and audios (example, from the mixer and micrô) save for process. Support support to the help of the processor processing in AMD, NVIDIA and Intel. The comment is the files is written with small size with the quality quality. I continue using it and all it for all people.

Currently there are many programs for video screen recording, such as VCL Media Player, Cyberlink Youcam. And Bandicam is one of those popular tools. The software supports the user to record all the operations on the screen, with many high quality frames. You can use these videos for presentations, lectures and especially video games. Gamers can use Bandicam to record every winning moment, or beautiful skills while playing. In this article, the network administrator will guide you how to use the software in the article below

Bandicam is a video recording tool for computer and video game software, game. Bandicam also offers a variety of recording modes, video recording mode and screen recording mode.

Overview of the benefits of Bandicam:

The most striking feature of Bandicam is the high speed video gaming. With a variety of recording options, you can easily set the details of your game log. You can check the settings for video recording in the Advanced section of General settings. The Other tab also provides auto complete burn settings for users to set the maximum file size and the time at which they define the settings after recording.

You can also choose from the Advanced Settings to enable the webcam overlay to add a logo to the screen. The Video Settings section helps users turn on hotkey display when recording, stopping, pausing …

Bandicam’s screen recording mode is also extremely dynamic. You can perform screen recording on the computer and customize the output using interesting functions such as setting the arrow to point the item, image or object on the screen, marking to cover Surround them and the number to show the steps.

Bandicam also has a lead-in feature that allows users to draw their own preferences on the screen. Bandicam’s screen recording features are very useful and effective for users who want to produce video tutorials.

If you want to set the frame limit you can choose to install FPS is very simple. Its feature recording device to capture their real-time webcam and simultaneous recording of game screens is also very useful.

How to install:

  1. Turr off antivirus software before install
  2. install software
  3.  enjoy

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