UnHackMe 10.87.837 Full Final Version [update 8/23/2019]

unhackme 10.87

UnHackMe 10.87.837 (Repack & Portable) is an effective killer for any malware. This is a general anti-rootkit and anti-spyware software that allows you to detect and delete rootkits, find redirects in browsers, programs to hide malicious traces, applications and promo software Unwanted report, spyware.

UnHackMe 10.87.837
UnHackMe 10.87.837

Antivirus software is often powerless in detecting rootkits, because they use compression and encryption of their files. An example of such a program is rootkit Hacker Defender. You must use UnHackMe to detect and delete Hacker Defender and similar programs. UnHackMe is compatible with all known antivirus programs, providing more reliable protection for your computer.
An attacker installs a rootkit on the computer through user actions, exploits known vulnerabilities or cracks passwords. Rootkits open the back door, giving the hacker the opportunity to fully control the computer. It hides files, registry keys, process names and network connections from your eyes.

Key features of the program:
• Automatic scheduled scans.
• Check the system for the presence of unwanted programs. If detected, they will be deleted.
   Standard uninstall.
• Search for unwanted search settings in the browser. Often instead of standard Yandex, Google, Bing,
   Mail.ru fully integrates “left” search services, often displayed on their websites
   Google or Yandex results. Along with this there is a ton of ads, or worse than search results
   leads to malicious websites. UnHackMe divides all found elements into the following categories: malware,
   doubts, unknown and good. The latter is marked with a green tick, these are known to be safe
   parameter. But while in doubt or unknown sometimes unrecognizable malware can be hidden
   factors. They should also be deleted. Often these are links to fake domains like well-known search engines, for example,
   Yamdex, Yanbex, Googie, and like livewebsearch.
• Check browser extensions. They are the ones who embed third-party ads on websites and slow down the browser.
• Check for unrelated programs at startup.
• Check the system for malicious services.
• Check for unwanted files – junk left by us all.

Features of repacking:
  1. Install the program in a distribution or extract the mobile version (PortableApps format)
  2. No registration required (advertising key of LicenseOnSale or official Comss license / 180 days /)
  3. Russian / English interface language (selected during installation)
  4. Select an external installation file.reg installed (if located next to the installer)


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