Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise full [6/10/2019]

Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise  is a Windows-based FTP server with support for encrypted FTP sessions via FTPS and SFTP as well as web client support via HTTP and HTTPS.

Although it comes packed with a multitude of dedicated parameters, it sports a clean and straightforward layout that offers quick access to a set of well-organized tools.

As soon as you run the application, you are guided to perform a quick configuration operation, which lets you create a user profile by specifying the name, password, and saving directory, as well as setting up the user permissions (download, upload, delete, rename, create directories, display hidden file, compress or decompress files).

Cerberus FTP Server Enterprise  proves to be a reliable software application that lets users transfer files securely on the Internet. The intuitive layout and advanced features make it an ideal tool for beginners and professionals alike.


How to install
1. Install Program.
2. Disable Antivirus security (Pause protection)
3. Copy file patch to the install folder of software
4. Run patch file as Administrator then click patch
5. Enjoy!


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