iCare Data Recovery Pro assists users in recovering lost, deleted or virus-infected [6/22/2019]

iCare Data Recovery Pro

iCare Data Recovery  Pro assists users in recovering lost, deleted or virus-infected data from disks. The software is able to deeply scan system components to quickly retrieve lost data such as photos… It is important that the data is returned raw Just like before you lost

iCare Data Recovery
iCare Data Recovery
Recover lost, deleted data from multiple devices

iCare Data Recovery Pro is able to recover lost, deleted files from various components of your system. As well as various types of digital devices such as hard drives, external drives, usb flash, memory cards , cell phones, cameras, laptops, desktops ….. even from devices that have unknown file systems, including: hard drives, USB drives / ZIP, MicroSD, SDHC, CF (Compact Flash) cards, xD card … You can easily restore 2TB drives, generate RAW file system reports and fix corrupted drives. Format.

With iCare Data Recovery Pro, losing important data will not be as obsessive as you might think. As before, you have to find ways to get back the data, how to keep the data intact after the recovery. Now iCare Data Recovery Pro download all the problems just at your fingertips.

Flexible restoration feature

iCare Data Recovery Pro uses advanced search technology to recover data quickly. Even if you do not know what your file lost for, it could re-format of your hard drive, memory card, or virus. ie.

iCare Data Recovery Pro automatically adjusts the performance depending on the data loss situation, helping you to achieve better results.

Recovers many file formats

iCare Data Recovery Pro allows you to retrieve more than 600 file types including images, text files. These data can lost due to many other reasons. when the system crashes, formatting errors, can not format the partition 

iCare Data Recovery Pro supports recovery of unbootable system errors or unrecognized boot partitions, I / O errors, external hard drive problems, memory cards, CF cards can detecte. or identity.


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